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Gundam Alex-NT1 Mostly Done

Here’s some pics of the Alex, Almost done.  It still needs panel lines, the knee caps need to be red, and I need to get some better decals.

I had some issues with the seam lines showing through the paint unfortunately, but it doesn’t really bother me.

Here ya go.

20140829_104548 20140829_105057 20140829_105126 20140829_105321 20140829_105951 20140829_110136 20140829_110600

Thanks for Looking!


Gundam Alex-nt1 head detail

Started working on the head. I’m having to hand paint the small details. They are looking pretty good. I hand coated the white parts in a gray base coat. I’m not sure how I will airbrush the white on top without messing up the eye details and the other little green and red areas. I’m thinking that I will clear coat the sections I don’t want paint on, then use the provided stickers to cover them until I have finished painting the white, then remove the stickers.  I guess I’ll see if it works.


Gundam Alex nt-1 almost done.

I just need to paint: the head, the thrusters, the beam sabers, a few of the red accents, and the shield, then this guy is done. I am going to put decals on this eventually, but the ones that came with it were super thick and more like stickers… So I will need to make my own. In the meantime, I think it looks good without them.


Even more progress on Gundam Alex NT-1

Finished the lower half of the left leg. The right leg is next to it for comparison. Progress has slowed… I blame my fiance for getting me back into WoW.



More progress on Gundam Alex-NT1

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More progress on the Gundam Alex NT-1.  I also have the skirt armor painted, but I don’t have the piece that the skirt armor attaches to painted yet.  For more pictures of my progress check out


July 31 020

July 31 022

July 31 016

Thanks for looking.

Updated the Gundam Alex Plastic Model Page

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Check it out.

This shows all the steps I have completed so Far!!

Check out the painted pilot. He is smaller than my index finger nail.

July29 044

Looks like Santa.

Thanks for looking.

Gundam Alex NT-01 Progress report.

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unfinishedBodyWithUnpaintedHead unfinishedBody pilot

Progress Report on the Gundam Alex Master Grade Model Kit.  I have the arms and torso painted for the most part.  The torso needs paint on the grills and a red accent piece that goes on the cockpit door.

I thought it would be interesting to show the painted model with the unpainted head for a “side by side” comparison of painted vs unpainted.

I’m having fun with this, I haven’t built a model in close to 10 years.

Drawing Dump

Well it’s been awhile since I have had the urge to draw something.  I was watching DBZ kai and decided to do a quick Super Saiyan. Also, I noticed some old Ninja Turtle Drawings as well and in light of the new trailer it felt appropriate to throw them on here as well.  Enjoy.

Super Saiyan - Marker

Super Saiyan – Marker

Michaelangelo - Pencil

Michelangelo – Pencil

Raphael - Pencil

Raphael – Pencil

Leonardo - Pencil

Leonardo – Pencil

Donatello - Pencil

Donatello – Pencil

Fedora – Sketch – Marker

Fedora - Sketch - Marker

Fedora – Sketch – Marker

Another quick marker drawing.  This is my Fedora sitting on an end-table.   Pretty Happy with it.

Potted Plant – Sketch – Marker

Potted Plant - Sketch - Marker

Potted Plant – Sketch – Marker

Quick sketch of a potted plant that is sitting on the dining room table. I wasn’t too concerned with form as you can tell by the shape of the pot. I was mostly playing around with the Prisma Markers.

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